As the Dubai International Film Festival winds down, film fans should head down to one of the final screenings that will be held as part of the eighth edition of the festival.

The festival, which has seen international movie stars in attendance, including Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Owen Wilson, Shah Rukh Khan and Gamil Ratib alongside many others, has premiered and showcased works of multiple genres from across the globe.

With action packed movies such as the highly anticipated Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, to documentaries such as Here We Drown Algerians, and dramas such as the Philippine based and produced Crossfire in Binisaya, the eight edition of DIFF has been a truly international expose of the film industry.

Tonight, The Walk @ JBR will screen one of the final films of the festival in its open air cinema. Free to attend, it’s the perfect mid-week activity! Come along to Bo House, grab a shake and gelato and head on down to watch The Girls in the Band at 8pm.

The documentary tells the story of female jazz and big band instrumentalists from the 1930s up until the present day. Enduring hardships such as sexism, racism and other forms of oppression which have considerably limited their opportunities, these women have continued to pursue their careers, even when their talents had gone unappreciated.

Today these women are finally beginning to enjoy a place in the world of jazz – a rightful position acquired through considerable struggle.

With footage from the early century, commentary from some of the leading female musicians from the genre and fabulous musical samples, this is a brilliant insight into the world of jazz and comes highly recommended by the team at Bo House.

For more information on the movies running as part of DIFF check the official facebook page from The Walk @ JBR on  http://www.facebook.com/#!/thewalkatjbr or the official DIFF website http://www.dubaifilmfest.com


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