Here at Bo House cafe we were delighted to read about the latest art initiative to be launched last week in Al Quoz, a venture which is very close to our own philosophy and vision. Opened by Iranian collector Ramin Salsali, The Salsali Private Museum sets itself apart from other commercial galleries throughout Dubai as none of the items on display are for sale. In true community spirit the gallery has been opened as a venue to draw individuals together in their appreciation for art and as an aid to drive sustainable development of the community. With an area dedicated specifically to showcasing the work of local artists, Salsali hopes to especially encourage the Dubai based art scene. A platform for artists which will allow them to admire one another’s work as well as encouraging collaborations, the gallery is also open to the public in the hope that it will spark discourse on Middle Eastern art.

Marking the opening of Salsali’s new venture is an exhibition entitled ‘Show Off’. Showcasing his private collection, Salsali is responsible for the entire set up of the exhibition in a desire to keep the gallery simple. Works on display will include photographs of the former Shah of Iran by Max Scheler, and paintings by Reza Derakshani and Amir Hossein Zanjani.

The new museum is located on Al Serkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz. The ‘Show Off’ exhibition runs until 14 January 2012.


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