14 October is World Egg Day

Eggs – love them or hate them, you can’t deny them their health benefits. And they are incredibly versatile too. You can have them cooked, poached, fried, runny, sunny side up or just plain scrambled. The average yolk and white are the perfect addition to any meal.

According to a study by a Northeastern University in USA, eggs can have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. “Contrary to what was previously thought, consuming an egg a day can lower a person’s blood pressure and increase the heart’s efficiency,” the study stated.

Considering it is an eggcellent hair conditioner and the fact it is WORLD EGG DAY tomorrow, we decided to ask some of the Bo House regulars their opinion about eggs.

Carine Abboud

I love eggs. It’s the most versatile food I have ever had. I can never get bored of it. There’s always a new way to cook it.

My Personal Favourite: Egg Benedict

Aloha Mole

There’s no special reason. I simply love them. They are tasty and super good for the health.

My Personal Favourite: Scrambled eggs with lots and lots of tomato.

Manfred Steichler

I love eggs because they have been a part of my life since childhood.

My Personal Favourite: Scrambled eggs

Camellia Bojtor

I love eggs because it’s nutritious and a great source of protein and it keeps my skin healthy.

My Personal Favourite: Depends on the day – either fried or scrambled.

Arian Marcos

I love Eggs because it’s easy to cook. I always have eggs at home. When I have no time to cook something fancy, I cook an egg.

My Personal Favourite: Sunny side up & Runny

So, what’s your reason to love eggs? Write to us on our facebook fan page. http://www.facebook.com/Bohousecafe The top five reasons will get featured on our blog.|

And if you have a signature egg recipe, don’t forget to share it with us. The best recipe will get featured on our newly launched official Bo House Cafe website

Easy to source, easy to store – the humble egg is a must have in your kitchen. And if you are in the mood to skip home cooked food tomorrow, try Bo House Cafe’s breakfast special – Four Eggs sprinkled with sumac and baked to perfection in a clay pan or our regular scrambled egg with fresh tomato, onion, turkey ham and mozzarella. Yumm!!

Remember, an Egg a day can be had in any way. 🙂

Be Eggcellent, Stay Eggstatic!


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