For those of you out there who are passionate about the spoken word, you’d be hard missed not to hear about The Poeticians. Founded by Hind Shoufani, the Palestinian film-maker and published poet, the group meets monthly in Dubai and has built up quite a following since its inception, becoming a must attend event for all poetry lovers. The group also has a following in Beirut and Amman.

The group in Dubai is multi-cultural and includes some of the best performance poets in the Middle East, including published poets and those developing their art, with the readings ranging from formal poetry to poetry slam. Bo House was delighted to play host to the group at the end of last month, where fifty individuals gathered for the event, which included music and comic verse.

The topics covered in the poems ranged from the domestic and relationship based through to social commentary and the overtly political. Overall, the hallmark of the evening was one of variety, sharing and good humour. The audience were highly appreciative with many new-comers adding their names to the ever growing Poeticians fan base. The crowd was the perfect match for Bo House’s bohemian style as they made the venue their home for the evening.

If you are a similar art based social group looking for a venue to host your event, please feel free to get in touch with us. We welcome any aspiring or established artists looking for a space to promote their work.


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