If you’ve been an avid follower of the Bo House blog since we launched, then you would have read about the art from the region that’s grabbing the attention of the international world. Well in this entry we’ll be relaying to you probably the most remarkable and poignant success story we’ve come across to date, and that is of Emirati shoe designer, Sultan Al Darmaki.

Only six months into his career, Al Darmaki has received recognition for his work that most designers only dream of in their lives. Placing him on the map of the fashion world is the request from ‘the world’s greatest museum of art and design’, the V&A, to display his creation – the Lydia shoe. But Al Darmaki has done more than just place himself on the fashion world’s map. He is the first contemporary Middle Eastern designer, and indeed the first Emirati, to have his work selected for display in the V&A.

The shoe, which takes the form of a gold stiletto, will be on display alongside pieces such as the wedding suit of King James II from 1673, through to the work of iconic fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and John Galliano. The shoe will also sit alongside the likes of foot wear created by Manolo Blahnik and Christian Dior that will be on display to the general public later this year.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the design of the shoe, Al Darmaki explains that the concept came from his grandma’s gold metallic burqa. Taking the garment which is used to veil the face of the female, Al Darmaki reinterpreted the concept in the design of his Lydia shoe. His next collection, which will be launching next month, is thought to take on a similar Middle Eastern feel, being influenced by the late Ottoman era. You can be sure to expect similar high design on a par with the V&A’s own style in his latest creations. We certainly cannot wait to see what the innovative designer comes up with next.


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