Bo House Poetry Night with Poeticians & Hind Shoufani

Bo House Poetry Night with Poeticians & Hind Shoufani

There are days when life throws at you 12 hour work shifts, unpaid bills, unruly kids and some bumps and detours. And then there are nights when you seek some cultural stimulation and you receive an invitation to an open poetry night. That’s life giving you lemons to make lemonade.

But if you insist on enjoying both the lemonade and the poetry together, the best place to head to would be Bo House Cafe. Because we believe in blending the best of both worlds – Art & Leisure.

And thus the idea to host Spoken Word and Poetry Performance with Palestinian Filmmaker and writer, Hind Shoufani and her group of Poeticians on July 30 at 8pm at Bo House Cafe.

So who are the Poeticians?

The group, established since 2007, consists of a group of writers, poets, readers and listeners, who have come together to share their work, thoughts, ambitions and fears. Led by Hind Shoufani herself, the Poeticians is an elastic entity, with no rules, no boundaries, no censorship, no membership system or structure.

The Spoken Word and Poetry Performance will be curated by Hind and the members of the Poeticians group, and will include readings by established as well as emerging poets.

The vibe is sultry, the air laden with words. So if you are in the mood to muse and reflect, join us at Bo House Cafe to delve into the group’s rich poetic roots, bust a rhyme, nosh up on refreshments and chat up the literati.

To make your reservation, send us an email with your name, contact number and number of people who will be attending the event with you at bookclub@bohousecafe.com

Please note, there is no registration fee.


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