As we begin to crank up the level of activity at the Bo House cafe, we thought that we would dedicate this blog to an introduction of the artistic landscape in the modern metropolis that is Dubai. Whilst the more seasoned artists may already be privy to the majority of this information, we thought that this might be useful information to our budding artisans, as well as perhaps being a source of inspiration.

So what is going on in the art scene as far as Dubai is concerned? Well over the past two decades Dubai has been steadily building a name for itself on the international art scene. By 2005, Christie’s International came to Dubai raking in US$63 million in its first 18 months of operations, well over the $30 million projected in its first three years, partly as a result of contemporary Arab, Indian and Iranian works raking in a lot more than expected.

Art galleries have flourished, with the industrial area of Al Quoz becoming home to a burgeoning underground art scene. From Rami Farook’s gallery Traffic, to the jamjar and The Third Line to name but a few, the region is witnessing a surging interest and appreciation for regional art. With Dubai now also home to a leading regional art fair, Art Dubai has successfully placed the city on the
map of the international art scene.

With the growing appreciation for art we are seeing in the region, many of you reading this now will be wanting to know where you can go to improve your own skills, where perhaps you might discover a talent you never knew you had. Perhaps you are the next Banksy or Picasso just waiting to be discovered. If you feel this is the case why not sign up for an art class at DUCTAC, where you can explore and develop your skills.

And here’s where we at Bo House would like to step in. We know how hard it may be when you’re new to something. We know that when you’re trying to make inroads into a field, it can be challenging when you’re just starting out. So watch this space for our initiatives that will provide upcoming artists with the platform they need to help them become the shining star that we believe deep down inside that they are.


One thought on “Let’s get Arty Dubai

  1. With so many cultures coming together in one place, it is not new to understand the spurt and the interest in the art scene in Dubai. What’s good about this is though, it has opened opportunities for the regional artists to get noticed.

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