The Bo House Book Club kicked off yesterday to a smashing start, as an avid group of book worms hit our cafe to discuss the details of Charlotte Bronte’s novel, ‘Jane Eyre’.  Showing our own commitment to the cause, the behind-the-scenes team from Bo House also attended, Brand Manager, Copy Writer and myself included. After trying hard to complete the lengthier version of the book in preparation for the event (our poor Brand Manager didn’t realise there was a considerably shorter version also in print!), we set off to our much loved cafe to discuss the varying themes of the classic tale, from love, religion and betrayal, to suffering and social hierarchies in Victorian times, in what transpired to be a lively and animated debate.

Our more hotly debated themes included that of the portrayal of men and women in the story. Our clever little book worms noted that the male characters in the story tended to be portrayed as cold and distant, juxtaposed against the elder, caring female figure, always apparent throughout Jane’s life.  We then moved on to discuss the extent to which we viewed Charlotte Bronte as a feminist, trying to further her own ideals.  Portraying Jane as a plain looking woman, with a greater interest in education than marriage, the general feeling was that if not feminist, Jane was not like most of the women in her day. With little space to go into too much more detail of our discussion, it would only be fair toprovide a quick summary of the admiration we all seemingly had for Jane’s character. The passionate and fearless Jane Eyre was agreed upon to be an outspoken individual, unafraid of breaking with societal norms, ready to fight for what she believed in.

Running well over the hour we had scheduled in, we wrapped up the book club with suggestions of the next novel for our book club. From ‘Lolita’ to the ‘Kite Runner’, to ‘Shantaram’ and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Log on to our Facebook page to vote for the book that will be the basis for our discussions next month.


4 thoughts on “Bo House launches book club

  1. Hey, i wanted to be a part of the book club too, but couldn’t make it at the last minute. Will definitely be there for the next month’s meet. Good job Bo house!

  2. Interesting concept! Would love to be a part of it. Good going Bo House Cafe! We need more such initiatives. Unless there is a Harry Potter or a twilight, no one thinks of reading. So many good literature goes unnoticed.

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